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It is a well-known fact that the rate of innovation in computer hardware and software has been accelerating extremely quickly and the manufacturers are definitely embracing these changes and using them to their advantage. We live in the era of technology and computers, therefore it is impossible to cut these out from our day to day lives. Out of the two, the innovations in terms of computer software are greater in number. Hardware used to dominate the world in the past but not anymore because innovations in software are far superior as they bring out much better results and are a lot more versatile too!

The innovations in computer software and hardware have also benefitted the manufacturing sector of the industry. Manufacturers are adopting new innovations such as plastic injection tooling, etc in order to make the manufacturing process more versatile, convenient and cost effective. This gives rise to CAM or Computer Aided Manufacturing, which is a type of computer software used for the purpose of controlling hardware or physical machine tools in order to execute the manufacturing process properly. By adopting the innovations in these hardware and software programs, the manufacturers can enjoy faster production process and the end results would be more consistent and precise. This modern way of manufacturing also minimizes wastage while reducing the consumption of energy.

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In order for a software innovation to be effective, it has to have a strong impact on the way computers are programmed. This type of innovation is purely technological in nature and it gets rid of the hassles associated with the process of manufacturing as far as possible. Thanks to the introduction of automated systems and the use of technology, industries have been able to significantly increase their productivity and reduce their dependency on human labor. For instance, in case of Computer Aided Manufacturing or CAM, the drawing of the product to be manufactured is fed into the computer in an appropriate readable code format. The machine then takes over by formulating and executing the functions required in order to manufacture or produce the product.

There are many innovations that have taken place for computer hardware and software in the past decade. These innovations have made computers smarter and more versatile. They also enable the computers to perform new functions and explore the unexplored or new territories. Manufacturing processes can sometimes get repetitive, which is why it makes sense to delegate these functions to machines. Thanks to the hardware and software innovations of the machine, the scope for making mistakes are also reduced since everything is pre-programmed and the functions are carried out as per the settings or configurations.

There are many advantages for making use of innovations in computer hardware and software for the purpose of manufacturing. First of all, by assigning the redundant and repetitive tasks to these computers, it becomes possible for the workers or employees to concentrate on more important aspects of the manufacturing process, such as productivity and quality control. Thus, it is a win-win situation for all from the manufacturers to the laborers and even the ultimate consumers!