Albania cyberattacks tied to Iranian threat intelligence giant

Albania cyberattacks tied to Iranian threat intelligence giant

Large cyberattacks on the government systems of Albania have been officially linked to Mandiant, a threat intelligence giant in Iran.

Albania reports more Iranian cyberattacks. RaidForums has a new successor. A look at threat actor r

Albania reports additional cyberattacks from Iran over the weekend. RaidForums has a new successor. A look at threat actor reconnaissance in the contemporary Internet. Kinetic strikes hit Ukraine’s infrastructure. Rick Howard calculates risk with classic mathematical theorems. Tim Eades from Cyber Mentor Fund on the dynamic nature of the attack surface. And a look into the cyber phase of the hybrid war.

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Albania blames Iran for second cyberattack since July (CNN)

Treasury Sanctions Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Minister for Malign Cyber Activities (US Department of the Treasury)

Iran strongly condemns US sanctions over Albania hacking (Al Arabiya)

Six months into Breached: The legacy of RaidForums? (KELA)

2022 State of the Internet Report (Censys)

Ukraine hails snowballing offensive, blames Russia for blackouts (Reuters)

Ukraine says Russia is retaliating by hitting critical infrastructure, causing blackouts. (New York Times)

Last reactor at Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant stopped (Associated Press)

Ukraine Warns Russian Cyber Onslaught Is Coming (Voice of America)

Montenegro wrestles with massive cyberattack, Russia blamed (ABC News)

CyberCube: Russia’s Sovereign Internet Creates Security Risks With Implications for Cyber (Re)Insurance While War in Ukraine Develops (Associated Press)

What Iran Is Targeting With Cyber Attacks

Jan.10 — Ryan Kalember, Proofpoint executive vice president of cybersecurity strategy, and Ron Gula, Gula Tech Adventures president, discuss the possibilities of a cyberattack by Iran on ‘Bloomberg Technology.

Albania ends diplomatic ties with Iran over ‘cyberattack’

Albania has ended its diplomatic relations with Iran after accusing it of launching a cyberattack in July. Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama says Iran intended to “paralyse public services, hack data and electronic communications from government systems. Iranian affairs analyst Seyed Mostafa Khoshcheshm weighs in on these allegations.
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Albania Expels Iranian Diplomats Over Cyber Attack

Albania has expelled Iranian diplomats and severed diplomatic relations with Iran because of cyberattacks from the Iranian Intelligence Agency that targeted government services and websites. Such an icy diplomatic response has never happened before and it may open the door as a precedent for how many countries will respond to future nation state attacks.

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