Arctic Intelligence releases second AML Industry Benchmarking Report 2022

Arctic Intelligence releases second AML Industry Benchmarking Report 2022

The biggest challenge that compliance teams face with their ML/TF risk assessments are gathering the data and evidencing effectiveness.

Artificial Intelligence: An Inhuman Future? | Full Panel Discussion | Oxford Union

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In this dynamic new technological age, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are impacting our lives in unprecedented ways. Siri can anticipate our commands, Facebook leverages analytics for targeted electoral advertising, and Google Maps applies complex data sets to plan routes for autonomous drivers.

While these developments are regarded by some as an opportunity to achieve a more comfortable and efficient future, others voice strong concerns about the threats Artificial Intelligence and the rise of Big Data pose to humanity and morality. How will these new and developing technologies shape the future of humanity? Will they create the conditions for a higher quality of life? Or do we face a bleak future of rising unemployment, a loss of privacy, and a more divided society?


Kenneth Cukier: Senior editor at the Economist and co-author of Big Data: A Revolution that Will Transform How We Live, Work, and Think.

Dr. Catherine Havasi: Scientist who runs MIT’s natural language AI program “ConceptNet”, and is CEO of “Luminoso”.

Dr. Tshilidzi Marwala: Artificial Intelligence specialist who has written more than eleven books and 280 papers on the subject.

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WEBINAR | Mastering AML: AML audits 2.0

AML audit plays an important role in evaluating the internal control and risk management system of the obliged entity. The need for AML audits is rapidly growing not only for internal use (e.g. assistance in detecting flaws in AML procedures which can be unnoticed while performing daily routine tasks) but also for external use (e.g. AML audit reports are requested by correspondent banks or other business partners, supervisory authorities, etc.).

Continuous AML audits and relevant auditing programmes show the maturity and credibility of a financial market participant. It is of the utmost importance to understand the AML audit practice and general requirements applicable to such an audit before planning it. The importance of AML compliance is particularly relevant as the recent cases and fines applied by the regulators for non-compliance with AML requirements prove that regulators do not tolerate AML non-compliance. In this webinar, we have gathered experienced AML and internal audit experts to share their experience and knowledge on the subject matters.

The following topics were addressed during the webinar:

Introduction to AML audit from a legal perspective
Aurelija Balčiūnė, Managing Associate at COBALT Lithuania

AML Audit: burden or opportunity?
Andrius Merkelis, Head of AML working group at FINTECH HUB LT / Head of AML/MLRO at mano.bankas

Internal audit department establishement and first year challanges
Karolis Grikšas, Internal Auditor at Wallter

Pros and cons of de-risking in industry wide and obliged entity perspective
Edgars Pastars, Specialist Counsel at COBALT Latvia, CAMS

Arctic Intelligence AML Accelerate Solution Overview