InvestHK links with HKMA to launch CBDC track to Global Fast Track program

InvestHK links with HKMA to launch CBDC track to Global Fast Track program

InvestHK and the HKMA have jointly announced the addition of the central bank digital currency track to the Global Fast Track 2022.

Asian central bank digital currency test cut cross-border transfer times ‘from days to seconds’

Asian central bank digital currency test cut cross-border transfer times ‘from days to seconds’

A trial of cross-border payments using central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) delivered “a substantial improvement in cross-border transfer speed from multiple days to seconds” according to a report on the experiment.

The @ng/doc/key-functions/financial-infrastructure/Inthanon-LionRock_to_mBridge_Building_a_multi_CBDC_platform_for_international_payments.pdf [PDF] considers phase two of Project Inthanon-LionRock (IL2), the cross-border experiment @/25/multiple_central_bank_digital_currency_bridge/, along with the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and the Bank for International Settlements Innovation Hub.

The test used @u, an Ethereum client capable of using several consensus algorithms. It assumed that participants would use a common messaging standard and sign up to a common set of compliance standards as a prerequisite to participation.

COMING SOON: CBDC Central Bank Digital Currency Will DESTROY Your Freedom

In this video I talk about the real threat of a CBDC digital currency and how soon we may see these. CBDC or a central bank digital currency is a form of exchange that is controlled by the government and is in digital form. This CBDC explained video also explains CBDC vs Crypto and how a CBDC USA currency is closer than you think. The CBDC in China is already being tested and in other CBDC news the Euro will likely participate soon. a CBDC or central bank digital currency should be in the back of your mind when you are stacking silver and gold. CBDC programmable money would be complete totalitarian control of the money supply. A CBDC is coming and it is a threat. I am stacking silver and buying gold to protect my wealth and I strongly encourage you to look into it as well.



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