SURE expands home coverage in North Carolina

SURE expands home coverage in North Carolina

SURE, a member-owned insurance company for reliable coastal asset protection, has expanded its coverage to be available in North Carolina.

Medical debt is high in North Carolina; Medicaid expansion could help

As North Carolina leaders inch closer to finally expanding Medicaid, their final passage won’t eliminate the buildup of future debt.

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NC House, Senate agree on medicaid expansion

North Carolina legislative leaders announced Thursday an agreement to expand Medicaid to hundreds of thousands of additional low-income adults through the Affordable Care Act.

The deal, which likely won’t be voted on until later this month at the earliest, marks a milestone for Republican lawmakers, most of whom opposed expansion for a decade until recently, and for hospitals and patient advocates who sought it all that time.

North Carolina has been one of 11 states that has not adopted Medicaid expansion. If the deal goes through, the state would start providing expansion coverage to people starting next January.


NC approves Medicaid expansion, reversing long opposition

A Medicaid expansion deal in North Carolina received final legislative approval on Thursday, likely ending a decade of debate over whether the closely politically divided state should accept the federal government’s coverage for hundreds of thousands of low-income adults.

North Carolina is one of several Republican-led states that have begun considering expanding Medicaid after years of steadfast opposion. Voters in South Dakota approved expansion in a referendum in November. And in Alabama, advocates are urging lawmakers to take advantage of federal incentives to expand Medicaid in order to provide health insurance to thousands of low-income people.

When Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper, a longtime expansion advocate, signs the bill, it will leave 10 states in the U.S. that haven’t adopted expansion. North Carolina has 2.9 million enrollees in traditional Medicaid coverage. Advocates have estimated that expansion could help 600,000 adults.


Expanding Coverage in Rural North Carolina

North Carolina’s first responders face a variety of challenges with “communication deserts” throughout the state, especially in rural areas. With a new FirstNet cell tower in Wayne County, first responders will have the coverage they need for emergencies and daily activities.